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Musical instrument repairs


Whether your instrument isn't playing well, it's had a knock or it's suffered a more serious accident, I can assess the damage and give you an estimate for repair. Each job is unique, so contact me for a competitive quote to get you playing again.

New instruments often come with factory settings that won't get the most out of it, so an initial set-up will make sure it's at its best. Maintenance set-ups are also available, to keep your instruments performing at their best after general playing and transport have taken their toll on the many parts that can go out of alignment.

Whatever your instrument, get in contact and arrange a time to drop it off at the workshop.


 Price List


Set ups

(Including New Strings)


Acoustic Guitar £40

Electric Guitar £40

Electric Bass £50

Banjo £35

Uke £25


Fret Leveling, Dress and Set up


Acoustic Guitar £75

Electric Guitar £70

Electric Bass £90

Banjo £70

Uke/Banjolele £55


Re-fret and Set up


Guitar/ Banjo £135

Electric Bass £150

Bound Fretboards + £30

Maple Fretboards £225

Uke/Banjolele £110



Banjo/Acoustic Guitar/Uke  £12

12 String £22

Bass Guitar £26


Handmade Guitar Nut

£30 (+£10 12 string) Camel bone or Buffalo horn

£25 Corian


Handmade Nut and Saddle

£50 Corian

£65 Bone or Buffalo Horn

+ £10 for £12 String


Handmade Nut


£20 Corian

£25 Bone or Buffalo Horn


Headstock Repair

From £50


Body Cracks Repair

From £50


Neck straightening

From £50


Vellum Fitting


(My own banjos are fitted with High quality Goat skins that I import from America as they are my favourite type of vellum and these are what I use as standard for repairs, calf skins are also available upon request)


Banjo £45

Banjolele/ Zither Banjo (where Head is under 7inches diameter) £40

New  3/16 square raw brass flesh Hoop £15

If you would like the vellum stained and treated to protect against humidity £10


Handmade Brackets, Replacement Hooks etc

From £10


Handmade Bridges


Plain Maple, from £10

Capped Bridges from £15 (Rosewood or Ebony)

Snakewood Cap from £25

Compensated Cherry and Ebony/Rosewood £35


Fret end Reprofiling

Banjo/ Guitar/ Bass £25

UKe £20


New Hardware installed


Part cost + £15

(For small parts such as tension nuts or replacing a couple of brackets when part of a set up, I generally just charge the cost of the part where possible)



Many other repairs are avaliable upon request just drop me an email with some details and we can arrange a sutible time for you to drop in.