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Custom Banjos and Guitars

Handbuilt to your specifications.

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Open Back Banjos


£1200   A scale 10" Rim

£1250   25.5 Scale 11" or 12" Rim


Standard Features


Cherry, Sapele or Maple

Right or Left Handed

Slim, Medium or Chunky Neck Profile

Choice of Headstock Shapes

Small or Fat Dobson Heel, Standard Heel

Two Way Adjustable Truss Rod (Accessed at Heel end)

Rosewood or Flecked Ebony Fretboard

Medium or Vintage Style Thin Fretwire

Scoop - Oval, Enoch, Straight or Thumb String

Bone, Buffalo horn or Corian nut

Block Rim Construction

Rosewood or Flecked Ebony Rim Cap

Romero Inspired Dowel Rod Construction

Handmade Raw Brass Tension Hoop

Handmade L or Square top Brackets

Rickard No Knot Tailpiece, Hooks and Nuts,

Quality Planetary Tuners

Compensated Cherry or Maple Bridge with Rosewood or Ebony cap

Stained and Treated Renaissance Head or Fyberskyn Head

Hand Rubbed True Oil Finish





Other Options





Flame Maple Neck and Hard Maple Rim + £40

Black Walnut + £60

Old Stock Honduras and Brazilian Mahogany + £90

AAA Grade Ebony Fretboard + £30

Pao Ferro Fretboard and Rim Cap + £20

Other Veneers/Trim POA



Tone Rings


Integral Rosewood Tone Ring + £45

Integral Ebony Tone Ring + £50

Howson Rolled Brass Tone Ring + coming soon

Bacon Tone Ring + £150

Dobson Tone Ring + £150

Little Wonder Tone Ring + £136

Silver Bell Tone Ring + £150

Whyte Lady Tone Ring + £185

Tubaphone Tone Ring + £250





Fretless - £100

Inlayed Fret Markers + Same as Fretted

Brass Overlay to 5th of 7th Fret + £50

More Elaborate Scoop + £40

Bound Fretboard + £50

Headstock Back Veneer + £50

Double Ogee+ £50

Radiused Fretboard + £60





Gotoh Raw Brass tuners + £55

Handmade Raw Brass Tailpiece + £50

Rickard Raw Brass Deco Tailpiece + £136

Handmade Two Foot Brackets + £15

Extra Brackets and Hooks + POA



Banjo Heads


Stained Goat Skin, also treated to Protect against Humidity + £50





£25 Per Hour





Superior Hardcase + £110



All Instruments that are to be sent by Courier require a Hardcase.


The Prices for imported American parts are adjusted to cover postage, import fees and import taxes.


All woods are to the best of my ability sourced from responsible sources, most of the

Exotic hard woods such as rosewood and ebony that I use often come from Madinter whose company mission statement can be seen here http://corporate.madinter.com/about-us/

Occasionally I'm able to source woods such as burls direct from a tree surgeon friend.